User Agreement

Content - Any textual and/or visual content, posted on the portal.
Original content – content generated and posted by
Posting/disposal – uploading/disposal of content by the user or submission of content for its further/subsequent posting.
User – any natural or juridical person using services provided by the portal, including mere skimming of the portal (portal visiting with the aim of familiarization)
Portal – internet portal  
Third party – any user who does not have direct rights to the content posted on the portal which he uses for his activity within the limits of services offered by the portal.


Policy is an independent business structure aimed at optimizing quality of business in the sphere of event management. The basic principles of the portal: ethics, correctness, professionalism, relevancy, and honesty in respect of all information, communication, and actions that occur within the framework of services provided by the Portal. Opinion of the Portal is subjective and may differ from the views of some members of event business. Any user registered on the portal must be of full age, according to legislation of the user's country. If the users has not reached the full age, he/she can be registered in the database of the agency representing the user or by his official representative (booker, scout, parents, etc.). In that case, all provided contact information must be of the direct representative.

Rights of the Parties

The User posting any material on the Portal is considered agreeable with the policy, terms of cooperation and requirements stated in this document. The Portal demands from all Users to follow the terms, norms and requirements, stated in this document. The Portal does not carry responsibility for the content posted by the User. Only the User accounts for the content he posts.
Any activities between Users of the Portal occurring by means of the Portal (communication, business contacts, etc.) should not be aimed at violation of any rights, norms and legislation of Users of the Portal. The Portal reserves the right to refuse services to a User if the Portal deems the User does not correspond to policy of the Portal. The Portal reserves the right to verify correctness and validity of submitted information within the limits of legal, ethical and other norms. The Portal reserves the administrative right to reject and/or delete any material in case if it violates terms and conditions of the given agreement or policy of the Portal. Decision about the fact of violation is made by the Portal and is subjective. The Portal is engaged to notify the User, violating terms and/or policy of the Portal, about its decision and sanctions imposed by the Portal against the User. In case of the user's refusal to use the portal's services (on the objective ground), his/her profile will be blocked. If the user desires to suspend his/her profile's activity, he/she should inform the portal about his/her decision, indicating the reasons and the terms. Once the term expires, the profile may be activated automatically or at the user's request, depending on the agreement. Unused prepaid time remains on the account and is considered when the profile's activity is resumed. If the user's profile is blocked due to violations of terms of the agreement, it will be black-listed, the service fee will not be refunded, and the communication or cooperation will be terminated. Registration of users, whose activity is not related exclusively to event business, is prohibited. Access of such users (agencies, event contractor, clients and others, whose activity is related to escort services, porno business, prostitution, etc.) will be blocked.



All copyright on the «original» material, as well as design, ideas and software, is the property of this Portal. The Portal's copyright does not apply to content posted by the User. Any use of the content by Third parties without a written permission of the Portal and the direct owner of the material is considered unlawful.
The User gives his consent that the materials posted by him be used by the Portal with promotional purposes. On its side, the Portal guarantees reservation of the User's copyright of the content used by the Portal.

Content Requirements

All the content posted on the Portal must be modeling business related only. The content must not infringe upon copyrights, as well as moral, racial, religious, social or other rights of the parties related to the given material. The content must not include information or images of pornographic nature, propagandizing materials or direct advertising (except the information directly related to the user). The content must reach high artistic, aesthetic and professional standards. All the posted information must be correct, truthful, valid and ethical. Photographs should not exceed 1024x768 and 1Mb in size. Optimal image size is 800x600 and 200kb. Only files with .jpeg extension can be posted on the portal. Photographs produced by mobile phones or automatic photo studios are not allowed for placement. These requirements apply to all the materials posted in all sections and columns of the Portal.